Brand TREND INTERIERI® is on interior furnishing market since 2001. Since 2005 the brand was used in company MONTAŽA TREND INTERIERI®, ALEKSANDER MOHORKO s.p.. Since 2013, because of enlargement it is now in company MONTAŽA TREND INTERIERI®, d.o.o., in which we continue tradition of professional assembly of interior furnishing in vessels and other above–standard facilities for the most demanding customers at home and especially on european market. Company was awarded with certificate ISO 9001. Currently we are about to gain certificate AS 9100, because company is going to expand to aviation industry.

In start of 2012 company has moved to new location in Slov.Bistrica, where is possible to experience how company really works.

Slovenian company has big advantage because of it’s location. Slovenia is located in central part of Europe, which enables company to respond to every part of Europe and even further.

Company has specialised, because of big enquiry, only on furnishing vessels and other above-standard facilities. Their services are always professional, high quality and accurate. Their techniques are constantly improving to follow current trends. Staff is also being trained with new knowledge and modern trends. So far we have successfully completed all of our fieldworks – installation of luxury furniture and equipment of world-famous manufacturers in world leading shipbuilders, prestigious hotels and private villas.

We are confident, that we can do all challenges and demands in assembling of interior furnishing, because we constantly track development and simultaneously we are gaining new knowledge. We are proud on our past achievements and even more motivated for future challenges.

Company is proud to have many references from the most demanding and world-famous shipbuilders from all over the world.