In the company Montaža Trend Interieri, we are committed to quality. All employees are familiar with our quality policy. They understand it, do it and maintain it on all levels of the company.

Total business quality and satisfaction of our customers is a basic business guide of our company:
We are famous for our professional, quality and precise execution of the assembly. We successfully cooperate with leading, world famous manufacturers of luxury furniture. We do everything to satisfy all costumer demands, wishes and expectations.

We realize constant improving of quality of our services and offer with respecting next values:
Company without values is like a ship without compass. Our values are professionalism and excellence, flexibility, proficiency and precision, punctuality and orderliness, knowledge and experience, successful cooperation and social responsibility. We share our values with our employees and business partners with intention to sail in the right direction of joint success and satisfaction.

Professionalism and excellence
as experts in assembly, we are specialised and dedicated to our business. We consider and respect needs of our customers and we are the best at what we do;

we adjust to place and time of our work executions and also to work conditions. We response quickly to needs and wishes of our customers. We are also very flexible at communication, because all employees speak foreign languages;

Proficiency and precision
all our assemblies are done under supervision of qualified project manager and many precise trained workers;
Punctuality and orderliness
we do all the work in time that we arrange in the contract. We appreciate orderliness, organisation and order;
Knowledge and experience
based on many difficult projects and supervision of our project managers, all employees gained a lot of experience and knowledge, which they constantly enhance;
Successful cooperation
stable and reliable suppliers are our partners and good collaboration with them is crucial to improve our quality;
Social responsibility
we have respectful relationship to our natural and social environment. With our donations and sponsorships we integrate in life in our region. With that we improve quality of our region. We know that with good relationship to people and our environment, we will keep our reputation at home and also abroad.

Training, personal development, stimulative improving and building belonging of employees to company:
Company is as good as a team, which works for it. Their knowledge and experience are the biggest values that we have. That is why we strive to get, motivate and keep enthusiastic and competent colleagues and to maintain motivated and nice working environment.

To ensure all directions mentioned above, we accepted the strategy of quality:
Strategy of quality in our company is based on meeting international standards of quality foundation of our quality system, constant checking of new trends and building in novelties for quality, achieving our quality goals and regular eliminating inconsistency, improving business process and constant training of our employees to guarantee quality. We have confirmed our quality with acquisition of certificate ISO 9001 (Bureau Veritas).

Slovenska Bistrica, 01.01.2014

Aleksander MOHORKO